Special Theme Programs

snowman croppedThe focus of a special theme is very popular for attracting patrons to a children’s program.  Each program has surprising and creative coordinating activities that are both fun and educational!

The excitement of decorating this 6 foot Snowman is the perfect example of a theme that is often offered as a seasonal winter program.

Other special themes include:  Thanksgiving,  Halloween,  Springtime, Mothers and Fathers Day,  “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”,  Magic &  Movement Under the Big Top,  Weather Windmill,  The Circus is in Town,  Let’s Get Ready for School,  Green Things,  Fun on the Farm,  Who Lives Where?,  Feathered Friends,  Beep-Beep Honk-Honk,  Digging for Dinosaurs,  One Two Three Blastoff,  and much much more…